Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally off to NOLA

I'm about to head to New Orleans, recovering nicely from yesterday's transportation debacle. I just had to throw this up before I head, in honor of the show I missed last Sunday.

I'll be in touch.

Stay Gold.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Best Leaf of Fall EVER!!!!

So back in December, during Hampton Comes Unglued's unprecedented Six Shows in One Day run, we ended up opening (or was it closing?) for Chris Harford and the Band of Changes at the World Cafe in Philly. Culled from the BOC set, I give you the best Leaf of Fall ever, featuring a multiple angle video recording of Chris' beautiful song with the extra added bonus of Deaner & Metzger shredding. Epic....

It may sound morbid, but to be honest, I find this song so powerful that it makes me better understand the concept of my own death. Thank you, Chris, Eric, Aaron, Mickey, Scott & Dave. And thanks also to the people that put this together, including Dazzle...

Stay Gold.